Therapy for having Good Sleep

An effective drug for improving sleep disorders is zolpidem. Antidepressants are generally used because of cosmos clinic reviews their effects on serotonin. Tricycle antidepressants are the most potent.

The standard is amitriptyline, but many patients do not tolerate the drug. If the patient has restless legs syndrome Clonazepam is indicated.
Diet therapy: 
fibromyalgia syndrome patients produce higher amount of free radicals oxidizing and metabolic toxins in comparison with the healthy ones. Increased food intake or vitamin supplementation, C, A, C, zinc and selenium is indicated. Vegetarian diet ameliorates some symptoms. Most patients with fibromyalgia syndrome consume large amounts of carbohydrates that contribute to worsening symptoms.


It is recommend the removal from alimentation of refined sugars, alcohol, caffeine, smoking, pastas, aspartame and monosodium glutamate.
For having a good sleep is recommended:

A schedule of hours of sleep at night 
Avoiding periods of sleep during the day 
Avoid spicy foods, sweet drinks before bed 
Make regular day exercise, but not before bed 
Avoid watching TV, reading books in bed at night 
Keep quiet room, dark and cool 
Make a warm bath before bedtime. 

Suppose that the invalid has freshly been diagnosed through fibromyalgia syndrome, the at the head management may contain: Enter ...